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Enterarse que tu ex se engordo es como encontrarse 20 dólares en tu bolsillo. No te cambia la vida pero definitivamente pone una sonrisa en tu cara.

Spanish English
enterarse to message / to find out
que that / which / than
tu your
ex former / ex
se itself / himself
engordar to fatten up, put weight on
ser to be
como like / as well as / as if / as though / as / since
encontrarse to meet, to come together / to feel / to find oneself, to come up against
dólares dollars
en at / in
bolsillo pocket
no no
te you (direct object)
cambiar to change / to exchange
vida life / existence
pero but
definitivamente definitely / definitively
poner to make / to put on
sonrisa smile
cara face / expression / nerve, cheek / dear, expensive

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